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AmCan Repair Shop is constantly growing and expanding its offer of services to provide as many of them as possible to its customers. One of the newest services we offer is the installation of truck tire of the highest quality from the world's leading manufacturers. With this service, AmCan Repair Shop helps customers to be able to do everything in one place. There is no need for research where to buy tires at the best price, go shopping, and then go to the mechanic. Coming to AmCan Repair Shop saves you both money and time. This web page also saves your time by showing you the tables with prices, manufacturers' models, and sizes. Everything you need to know you can find here. All you have to do is call us to make an appointment to install new tires.


Manufacturer Model Size Tread Price
Proload Pl886 11r24.5 18/32 $1124
Kumho kls02e 285/75r24.5 18/32 $1146
Firestone fs591 295/75r22.5 18/32 $1256
Firestone fs591 11r22.5 18/32 $1278
Firestone fs591 11r22.5 - 16ply 18/32 $1322
Continental hs3+ 295/80r22.5 19/32 $1355
Firestone fs591 285/80r24.5 18/32 $1355
Michelin xlez 275/80r22.5 18/32 $1531
Michelin xlez 11r22.5 18/32 $1542

*Prices include a set of 2 tires, installation, and balancing. Without additional charges.


Manufacturer Model Size Tread Price
DOUBLECOIN RLB400 295/75R22.5 30/32 $3632
GRE-FORCE GR622 295/75R22.5 16PLY 28/32 $3632
HANKSUGI HS78 295/75R22.5 28/32 $3632
ZENNA DR850 295/75R22.5 28/32 $3632
Kumho KLD02E 295/75R22.5 30/32 $3852
Firestone fs692 295/75r22.5 14ply 18/32 $4776
Goodyear MARATHON 295/75R22.5 24/32 $4820
Continental hdl2 295/75r22.5 28/32 $5040
YOKOHAMA 902L 445/50R22.5 16/32 $8032
Michelin X1LGD 445/50R22.5 27/32 $11112

*Prices include a set of 8 tires and installation. Without additional charges.


Manufacturer Model Size Tread Price
KUMHO KRS02E 255/70R22.5 18/32 $3172
GRE-FORCE GR612 295/75R22.5 16PLY 17/32 $3656
DOUBLECOIN RR150 295/75R22.5 19/32 $3744
GREATWAY DA818 315/80R22.5 17/32 $4140
BRIDGESTONE R123 295/75r22.5 11/32 $4184
FIRESTONE FT492 295/75R22.5 11/32 $4228
YOKOHAMA 109L 295/75r22.5 12/32 $4228
CONTINENTAL HT3 ECOPLUS 295/75R22.5 14PLY 13/32 $4360
YOKOHAMA 109L 445/50R22.5 11/32 $7352

*Prices include 8 tires and installation on your parking lot located 15 mi around Wood Dale in Illinois. Without additional charges.

If you have some other needs or wishes call us or fill the contact form and we will reach back to you with possible alternatives and solutions.

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